Cabra Consulting Ltd. recognizes its leadership role in promoting worker health and safety and is committed to conducting activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of all our workers, clients, the public and the environment.

The “Health, Safety and Environment Program” encompass the safety policies, procedures and safety rules of Cabra Consulting Ltd. It has been developed to promote a healthy and safe work environment that addresses physical, psychological and social well-being and to demonstrate the company’s due diligence which consists of taking reasonable actions to foresee and prevent incidents.

Management acknowledges and is committed to the workers right to refuse dangerous work, the right to know and the right to participate.

Safety First” is to be promoted in all our operations.

All workers are responsible for their own health and safety and that of others in the workplace. They must comply with the safety standards set by the company as well as all relevant governing legislation.

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for Cabra Consulting Ltd. will share the benefits of a safe workplace.

Our goal is a healthy and injury free workplace and by working together, we can achieve this goal.


Safety Training

Cabra ensure our consultants are provided with industry standard safety training such as H2S Alive, First Aid/CPR, Common Safety Orientation (CSO), WHMIS, and TDG.


Compliance Management


Cabra Consulting Ltd. is an active member of ComplyWorks, ISNETworld, Avetta and the Alberta Association for Safety Partnership.



Cabra carries $5,000,000 in Commercial General Liability Insurance. All geologists working within the Cabra organization carry Workers’ Compensation coverage.